The Älska Farm Story

We are Genevieve and Gabriel (with young Téo and Mika). Our farm name, "älska," is a nod to our Swedish heritage, and means to love, adore, and cherish. This concept is at the root of everything we do: from crafting small batch organic maple syrup; to nurturing the land we love with farming techniques that mutually benefit the earth and the animals; to spending time with our pigs and cows, allowing them to express their natural inclinations in order to live wholesome, happy lives.

We handcraft maple syrup and maple butter, and offer pasture-raised pork and grass fed beef. Everything we create has nothing added but love.

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Pasture Raised Pork

Pigs were born to do one thing: explore. Our animals are free to root, nibble, and forage on a farm where hazy fields run into rolling, cool forests. By using innovative methods of rotational grazing, we also receive the cyclical benefit of building fertility into our land.

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Maple Syrup

Every spring forty litres of clear sap is harvested from each maple tree, an then boiled down over a wood fire to become one golden litre of maple syrup. Rocky soils and high elevation lend to the distinct terroir of our single-batch syrup. The process is simple: heat, time, and love.

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Grass Fed Beef

Our grass fed cows are happy and healthy, an we utilize rotational grazing so that both the animal and the land receive benefits. You can trace our exceptional beef cuts to the heritage cows that freely roamed our farm.

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