Maple Syrup

Every spring forty litres of clear sap is harvested from each maple tree, then boiled down over wood fire to become one golden litre of syrup. Nothing is added in the process but love.

Amber maple syrup is gathered in the early season. As the name suggests, the colour is bright and the taste is elegant with notes of butter, macadamia nuts, and vanilla. We use amber syrup to garnish yogurt, in frothy cappuccinos, and on homemade crêpes.

Dark maple syrup is collected in the later season. Its dark colour is as rich as it looks, and the robust flavour reminds us of candied apple, walnuts, and supple leather. The maple flavour is more assertive and complex in this syrup, and some people prefer it for this reason. We often use the dark syrup for glazing salmon, slow-cooking pulled pork, and baking crunchy granola.