Local Meat Box

Enjoy a box of the best cuts of our pasture raised pork and beef in the Älska Farm Local Meat Box. Our heritage cows and pigs live the good life in the fields and forest of our farm in Low QC.  Always hormone and antibiotic free and raised with LOVE. Be proud of the meat you eat!

You will receive a mixture of cuts of pork and beef, i.e. bacon, sausage, ground pork, ground beef, chops, steaks, roasts etc. 

We deliver our goods to Ottawa on WEDNESDAYS and Wakefield and Chelsea on FRIDAYS for orders of $100 or more. Here are some of the sweet offerings from our Farm Shop!

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Box Size

Single box - $100
Double box - $200

Availability for daytime delivery?

No - please leave out a cooler in which we can place your box

Add ons

Älska Organic Maple Syrup

Alska Organic Maple Butter

Alska Rum Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

Semples Wildflower Honey

Semples Pure Beeswax Candles - Hand dipped

Pascale’s All Natural Ice Cream - Assorted flavours all delicious!

Vox Kombucha

Le Bar a Savon

Cafe Joyeux

Kamosu Miso

Michaels Dolce Sriracha

Le Coprin Gourmet Mushrooms

Bulk Pasture Raised Pork Order ($9.50/lb)

25 lbs
50 lbs

Bulk Grass Fed Beef Order ($11.50/lb)

25 lbs
50 lbs

Personal Information

We charge a small delivery fee based on your location, we can let you know the amount once your address is confirmed.

Payment can be made by etransfer to alskafarm@gmail.com we are set up for auto-deposit so no security question needed. Could you please send a confirmation by email when you send your payment, always appreciated!

Thanks very much for support!