Notre histoire

Nous sommes Geneviève et Gabriel (et nos enfants Téo et Mika). Le nom de notre ferme älska est un clin d’œil à notre héritage suédois et signifie adorer et chérir. Ces valeurs sont au cœur de tout ce que nous faisons : du sirop d’érable extrait en petite quantité, aux techniques de permaculture et de culture responsable avec lesquelles nous entretenons nos terres, ainsi qu’au respect que nous portons à l’expression de l’instinct naturel de nos animaux à vivre une vie pleine et heureuse.

Nous produisons notre sirop et notre beurre d’érable à la main, et offrons du porc de pâturage et du boeuf uniquement nourri à l’herbe. Nos produits ne contiennent aucun additifs, seulement beaucoup d’amour!


We first ordered beef and pork from Älska several years ago, and we were very impressed with the superb quality and taste. Since then, there is always a little bit of a panic in our house to order more when we run out! Raising a family with two young children, we appreciate being able to serve meat that is nutritious as well as tastes good. Buying meat from animals that are humanely raised is also very important to us - when we buy beef and pork from Alska, we know that the animals have been well cared for. We also appreciate how responsive and accommodating Genevieve has been to our requests, and we really appreciate having the meat delivered to our house.

Hilary D., Ottawa

Alska Farm was recommended to us by a family member and since we have purchased pork from Alska Farm we have never turned back! All of the different cuts we get are delicious and healthy and are always delivered to us with a smile :) !!

Johanna M., Shawville

I recently became concerned about how we as a society produce meat, and I hated the ”ignorance is bliss” mentality. I wanted to know how the animals I ate were treated. When I got my first box from Alaska Farm I went out there and got it myself (even though they deliver!) Besides just having an awesome morning out on the farm with some great people, I saw just how well they treat their livestock. And on top of that... the smoked pork chops were just too good!

Mathieu S., Ottawa

We’ve been ordering Alska farm meat boxes for over a year, I think since they started offering this great option. The team over there has always been extremely accommodating, with varying pick-up options and times. I am always impressed by the variety of cuts and quality and care that goes into each one. They know my family and always organize the box to suit our needs. We love these guys!!

Anna B., Wakefield

"I made the best osso buco for dinner last night. I am delighted by everything we’ve tried so far, the cuts and the taste are really exceptional. And the size of the order is perfect for us as it easily fits in my fridge freezer. There are only 2 of us here so I had always hesitated ordering bulk meat but you have solved that problem for us. The delivery to our door and service was top rate"I have been singing your praises to everyone!
With thanks,

Sheila H., Wakefield