Pigs were born to do one thing: explore. Our animals are free to root, nibble, and forage on a farm where hazy fields run into rolling, cool forests. By using innovative methods of rotational grazing, we also receive the cyclical benefit of building fertility into our land.

We feed our pigs a mix of corn, barley, oats, flax, and alfalfa and of course they supplement their own diets by foraging for roots, mushrooms, shoots, and grasses. You can trace our exceptional pork cuts back to the original animal that freely roamed our 125-acre land.

We deliver quarter, half, and whole pigs right to your door at no charge; each quarter ranges from 35­-50 lbs that will fit into a standard fridge freezer. Every delivery is a mix of bacon, ham, chops, tenderloins, ribs, shoulders, stewing cubes etc. Our pork is $8 per pound hanging weight, which includes every part of the animal like bones, organs, and fat. We encourage everyone to take advantage of “snout to tail gastronomy,” the trend that top Canadian chefs are leading, which uses these alternative trimmings to create exceptional dishes. Explore new culinary endeavours by making stock from bones, rendering fat, and designing pâtés from organ meat that leave dinner guests spellbound.

We offer our pork by individual cut, please get in touch by email to order.

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